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More than 10% of people over age 12 engage in substance abuse, using psychoactive drugs every month. At Instic Health in Plant City, Inverness, Tampa, and New Port Richey, Florida, board-certified psychiatrist Pragnesh Patel, MD, and the exceptional team offer substance abuse treatment to help you break addictions and live life to its fullest. Call your nearest office or use the online scheduler today.

Substance Abuse Q & A

What is substance abuse?

Substance abuse is a mental health disorder in which you misuse drugs or prescription medicines and may not be able to stop using these substances on your own.

It’s an urge to consume mind-altering alcohol, opioids, heroin, marijuana, cigarettes, cocaine, or other illegal drugs. Treatment with the Instic Health team can offer you relief and help you break unhealthy habits. 

What are the symptoms of substance abuse?

If you or a loved one experience substance abuse, the following signs or symptoms might occur:

  • Urges to use prescription medications or drugs
  • Taking more and more of a substance
  • Not being able to stop using a substance
  • Withdrawal symptoms upon quitting
  • Problems at work or school
  • Poor decision making
  • Physical health problems
  • Behavior or mood changes

If you’re unable to stop using opioids, drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products on your own, the Instic Health team is here for you. 

What are the risk factors for substance abuse?

Substance abuse can happen to anyone, but some factors increase your risk of experiencing it. Examples include genetics, family history of substance abuse, having another mental health disorder, early drug use, taking highly addictive drugs or medications, and peer pressure.

How does my doctor diagnose substance abuse?

To diagnose substance abuse and develop a treatment plan, your Instic Health psychiatrist reviews your medical history and symptoms. They complete a physical exam and may recommend blood or urine tests as needed to find out if you have underlying medical problems or health issues linked with substance use. Your mental health specialist also completes a psychiatric assessment.

What are the common substance abuse treatments?

If you struggle with substance abuse, treatment options available at Instic Health include:


Psychotherapy or talk therapy with a psychiatrist helps you learn behavioral change strategies and other ways to overcome addictions.

Group therapy

During group therapy with other people experiencing the same substance abuse difficulties, you can gain social support and increase your chance of overcoming an addiction. 


Taking certain medications makes breaking an addiction easier by reducing cravings or withdrawal symptoms. Your provider personalizes a medication regimen that matches your needs.

Don’t let substance abuse take over your life and cause problems with work, school, or interpersonal relationships. Schedule an appointment with Instic Health by phone or book online today for substance abuse treatment.


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