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How our Unique Services Suit Clients at a Unique Time

53% of adults have reported that their mental health was negatively impacted by the stress and worry over the coronavirus. As the pandemic continues, many individuals have had to cope with other stressors including job losses and isolation. Social distancing practices mean that we cannot effectively get in touch with our loved ones and families during these hard times. Over the years, research has linked loneliness and isolation to poor mental health. The situation has been aggravated with the difficulty of accessing mental health services. Longer waiting periods to book an appointment mean that people have to undergo the suffering in silence, resorting to negative coping behaviors.

What We Do

 Instic health is uniquely designed to suit the needs of our clients with the focus on timely and quality mental health services. Our team of compassionate mental health care professionals are available to provide convenient services all across Florida. We acknowledge the need for promptness on mental health issues. Therefore, we have a robust system that will ensure our clients can book same day appointments, and schedule emergency visits. Studies have shown that reliable and fast treatment for mental health problems significantly reduces the risk of further illness or adoption of life-altering self-treatments. 

Signing up with Instic health involves easy paperwork that ensures care is delivered as soon as possible by friendly staff ready and willing to walk with our clients throughout their recovery journey. We also accept a variety of insurance plans including Medicare and Medicaid to cater for treatment of a wide range of psychiatric and mental health services.

 Instic Health Client

Pragnesh Patel, CEO & MD

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