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‘Mental well-being’ portrays a person's emotional well-being and overall functioning; how one copes with the ups and downs of life. Research shows that the absence of distress doesn’t prove an individual has high levels of well-being. Individuals with high mental well-being feel happy, have a purpose in life, are very much upheld, and pleased. Achieving a goal is easier when you’re willing to work towards it, same case applies for your positive mental health. Following are some tips to get you through a difficult patch in life, for instance the Covid-19 has had a great impact on peoples mental well-being.


Mindfulness can be depicted as an act of focusing on today and the present moment and doing it purposefully. The practice alludes to the conscious acts of controlling consideration through the perception of thoughts, feelings, and body states.

Through mindful living practices, more joy, delight, and significance can be discovered. All things considered, being mindful of your actions isn't as simple as it sounds. It needs focus and a lot of will power. It may be achieved through developing positive habits such as starting your morning peacefully, eating healthy, meditating, setting targets and balancing life.


Helping other people will enhance and extend your life. An act of kindness or a good deed has a domino effect. People tend to do likewise when they witness someone doing good. This sets off a chain of similar events and makes the environment worth living in. Helping improves a person's general feeling of direction and character. It is also found that giving back may give people a psychological boost by providing them with a neurochemical feeling of reward.


We frequently shroud our internal feelings since we're concerned about people’s reactions and judgements. By not opening up to other people or professionals, we don't completely acknowledge the issues going on inside of us - it is known as being in a phase of denial. It's typically simpler to share opinions about something. Everyone has their perception. But it's a lot more difficult to share emotions. Be in contact with how you feel, share your sentiments as much as possible with someone you can trust.



Exercise every day, and it is better to do it outdoors. Daylight enables your body to deliver nutrient D, which builds your degree of serotonin in the cerebrum. Besides, time in nature is a demonstrated pressure reducer. There are numerous sorts of physical exercises, including swimming, running, jogging, and dancing. Being active has been appeared to have numerous medical advantages, both genuinely and intellectually. It may also help you live longer.


Pragnesh Patel, CEO & MD

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